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Troll Trader Ultimate Gift Bundle

Troll Trader Ultimate Gift Bundle

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A bundle with an RRP of over £200!


1 Magic the Gathering artwork Playmat (from Grand Prix events)

MTG Collector Booster (will vary)

8 MTG Draft Boosters (6 Zendikar Rising and 2 Mixed Sets)

4 MTG Draft Boosters (Previous Standard Sets) 

2 MTG Set Boosters (2 Mixed Sets) 


2 Double Master Boosters 

1 MTG Theme Booster (Set and Colour will vary) 

   1 Commander Deck (Commander Legends)

50 Sheet Life Pad

MTG Life Spinners  (Set/Style will vary)

2 Packs of 20 Dice (Colour will vary)

1 TTCombat Binder (Holds 360 Cards) 

2 TTCombat Gaming Sleeves (Colours vary) 

1 TTCombat 80+ Deck Box

1 TTCombat 100+ Deck Box



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